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Discover the latest addition to our fleet, offering state-of-the-art features and ultimate comfort for your travel needs.

Saloon Car

4 Passengers
2 Small Cases
2 Large Cases

The ‘Saloon Car’ are the most popular and economic option, comfortably accommodate 4 passengers, 2 large cases and 2 small cases.

Estate Car

4 Passengers
3 Small Cases
3 Large Cases

The ‘Estate Car’ has a bigger booth then normal saloon which can accommodate 4 passengers, 3 large cases and 3 small cases.


4 Passengers
4 Small Cases
4 Large Cases

The ‘MPV’ is suitable for Airport or station Transfers MPV will comfortably accommodate 4 passengers, 4 large cases and 2 small cases.


8 Passengers
8 Small Cases
8 Large Cases

8 Seater car can accommodate your family or friends in case you want to travel as group. It will fit 8 passengers with 8 large cases and 8 small cases. right at the coast

Best Testimonial Clients

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Gabriela Queudo Customer

Cab Network's courteous drivers and clean vehicles make every ride a pleasure.

Ronald Johan Customer

Cab Network never fails to provide prompt and reliable service; my preferred choice for hassle-free transportation.

Gracie Andra Customer

Impressed by Cab Network's competitive rates and consistently punctual pickups; a top-notch cab service.